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The Ryt Kind of Mulch

Ryt’s Landscaping adds the right kind of mulch to your plant beds as part of a regular lawn maintenance program. We prefer a fine triple-shredded brown or black mulch, an industry standard for water-retention when it comes to flower beds, trees, saplings, and ornamental plants. However, we can apply whatever mulch you prefer.

So Mulch Better

Why Mulch?

Mulch does several things for flowers, plants, trees, and saplings. If you want picture-perfect landscaping every year, mulch is part of the plan. Ryt’s Landscaping will come out and put a layer of mulch on your plant bed for optimal effectiveness. We might need to add more after six months or a year as the material succumbs to the elements over time.

Weed Suppression

Weeds need the right mix of sunlight and air to grow. A layer of mulch helps keep weeds at bay, which prevents you from getting on your hands and knees to pull weeds out of the ground. As an additional weed defense, Ryt’s Landscaping will apply a pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer to prevent weeds from germinating. Ryt’s Landscaping helps you work less by mulching for you, and we make it where you don’t have to do as much lawn maintenance throughout the year.

Aesthetic Look

Mulching produces an aesthetically pleasing look for your landscaping. Brown and black are earthy colors that go well with your plants. But red or reddish-brown mulch complements a house made of red bricks. Dark mulch creates a contrast with bright, showy flowers while complementing hardscaping features such as stonework, brick walkways, concrete, and retaining walls. Pine straw is also a great alternative for sloped areas. We also love the natural look it provides for areas located away from the house. 


Mulch made of natural materials is eco-friendly in many respects. Bark, wood chips, grass clippings, and shredded hay are just some of the many choices you have for eco-friendly mulch. Mulch is often made from the leftovers of other processes, which means your investment puts these materials to good use rather than wasting them. Mulch also prevents erosion and water runoff for another eco-friendly benefit.  

Mulch Obliged

For trees, Ryt’s Landscaping might cover the ground with 3 inches of mulch around the base. Plant beds also get around 2 to 3 inches of mulch. We might remove some of the old mulch before applying a new layer.

We recommend new mulch every year. Fresh mulch maintains its effectiveness better than older ground covering. We suggest new mulch in the early spring before weeds start to grow and before heavy rains pour down in April and June. As part of a fall cleanup, we’ll loosen up any matted down mulch, which helps air and water penetrate the soil while also giving your beds a fresh clean look.

Mulch Better with Ryt's