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Landscaping, Hardscaping & Outdoor Lighting

The Ryt Plants

Did you know landscaping can lower stress and improve your quality of life? That’s Ryt! A natural outdoor setting, even in an urban area, can make you feel more relaxed as you enjoy trees, plants, and outdoor water features. Ryt’s Landscaping creates landscaping and hardscaping for your property.

I’ve Heard of Landscaping. But Hardscaping?

Landscaping is with Plants or Water

Ryt’s Landscaping services make your property more attractive by taking advantage of ornamental features, trees, shrubs, and plants. We create beds for flowers and holes in the ground for shrubs. Our team can plant saplings that will grow into showy dogwoods in a few years or giant oaks in a few decades.

Ryt’s Landscaping knows the right places for blooming flowers around your front window or a walking path in your back yard. You plan it. We do the grunt work!

Hardscaping Utilizes Brick, Stone, and Rock​

No one wants to haul bricks, stones, and rocks around all day. Wait. We do! Hardscaping complements landscaping by adding hard, stone-like features on your property.

Ryt’s Landscaping helps you design retaining walls, stacked layers of stone, and walking paths to augment the lay of the land. Once your design is complete, we’ll do all the grunt work. We’ll turn that rolling hill in your yard into a retaining wall for a flower bed. How about a winding path through a natural sanctuary filled with shrubs or tall grasses? We can make it happen.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Go Hand-in-Hand

Are you considering both landscaping and hardscaping at the same time? Think about a project in the spring or fall to spruce up your yard in one swoop. One week your yard looks the same as it always has. The next week, it’s transformed. From a simple flower bed to an entire yard, we landscape and hardscape anything.

We Sweat So You Don't Have To

You pick out the design and materials. We bring them in, haul them around, move the dirt, and do the hard work of yard work for you. What you get is a yard or garden you can grow from the ground-up.

Do you have a photo that inspired what you want for your property? Show it to us and we’ll talk. Want to rejuvenate your yard with some natural elements that look great? We’ll discuss what’s possible based on your unique vision for your property.

Attention to Detail

We get the details Ryt. Tristan is an accountant by trade, meaning he loves little details. If one number is wrong, it bothers him. If one blade of grass is too tall, it’s not acceptable. Ryt’s Landscaping pays attention to every detail of a landscaping or hardscaping project. No stone is left unturned. We make sure everything looks Ryt, every stone or brick is placed properly, and the dirt looks level. If anything is amiss, we correct it instantly.

A Sight to Behold

One key element of a great landscaping project that is often overlooked is that of outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting is a great tool that can be used to highlight features of a house, brighten a driveway or front walkway, show off ornamental shrubs and plants, or illuminate that beautiful oak tree in your front yard. At Ryt’s Landscaping, we can design a lighting scheme that keeps your house on display at all times.

Keeping it Clean

Already have an existing wall or hardscape in place? Is it being overwhelmed by moss, mold, or dirt? Fortunately, we can help with that as well. We partner with a local pressure cleaning company that can clean any outdoor surface and give your home and hardscapes a fresh look. We use a variety of solutions, which allow for a low pressure cleaning so you don’t have to worry about any damage that can be caused with a high-pressure power cleaning. 

What the Brick?

Ryt’s Landscaping designs and constructs landscape and hardscape projects by combining plants and natural elements with brick or stone. We collaborate with you on the design, then we’ll do the heavy lifting. What’s left is a yard or lawn you can show off to your neighbors, family, and friends.

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