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Ryt’s Landscaping has been a trusted name in lawn care and lawn maintenance for Greater Cincinnati since 2013. We’re a family-owned business that takes care of grass cutting, mulching, tree removal, snow removal, landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance for residences and commercial properties.

We used to be known as Ryt’s Lawn Care. That was when Colin VandeRyt (the elder of two brothers) started mowing lawns. Then he felt like turning his childhood fascination with climbing trees into a tree trimming and tree removal business. Colin expanded the business to more than 50 regular customers before his brother Tristan, an accountant by trade, took over for him.

What We Do Ryt

Don’t let Tristan’s background as an accountant fool you. His penchant for crunching numbers is perfect for owning a landscaping company. Accountants are detail-oriented people by nature. So are landscapers. Lines of numbers add up to perfectly straight rows of mowed grass. 

Ryt’s Landscaping gets the details right. We create clean, crisp lawns that you can be proud of. Tristan personally oversees every project, and he promptly responds to inquiries. Contact Ryt’s Landscaping for comprehensive lawn care services and maintenance.

Know Your Ryts

Colin VandeRyt

Colin VandeRyt founded Ryt’s Lawn Care, LLC in 2013. From 2013 – 2019 he worked to grow the business by forming solid customer relationships, all while working a third shift job. Colin currently works as a Cincinnati police officer and has started the nonprofit organization, Operation Veteran Support. This charity aims to provide landscaping services to disabled military veterans and their families. Colin provides the fundraising and networking efforts necessary to find deserving families and ensure that those who are in need of help receive it. In his free time you’ll find Colin enjoying his Ducati Panigale, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his German Shepherd, Hank.

Tristan VandeRyt

Tristan VandeRyt is the current owner of Ryt’s Landscaping, LLC, who acquired Ryt’s Lawn Care, LLC in 2019. Tristan helped Colin grow the family business as he worked his way through college at the University of Cincinnati. There he majored in accounting and spent three years in public accounting before deciding to pursue his passion of owning a business. Through his work as an accountant, Tristan learned important skills on how to operate a business and how to care for his clients. Now, Tristan is doing all he can to deliver excellent service while continuing to educate himself on everything about the landscape industry. In his spare time, Tristan loves to draw, attend concerts, and take in a good movie. 

Ryt's Landscaping

Ryt’s Landscaping is your solution for everything related to lawn care and lawn maintenance. We get the details right and respond promptly to your inquiries. Contact us for a quote today!